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AMS is a lot more than an IT consultant with a fancy tool. We create synergy in your IT organization by leveraging your existing assets to their maximum potential. We understand that in your organization, a mixture of expensive monitoring products and homegrown tools may reduce productivity and increase costs. These drawbacks result from knowledge that is isolated with individuals, and a lack of proper documentation.

Remote Administration

AMS provides a wide range of system administration services. We can provide single incident or long term assistance and welcome both small and large opportunities. Our experience include but are not limited to:

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Server Management including 24/7 monitoring / response and support for servers running Windows 2003/8, Suse, Redhat, OpenBSD, Solaris.

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Server configuration, administration, performance tuning and monitoring services

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Security Scanning of individual hosts or entire networks with detailed analysis

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Automization and scripting

Onsite Administration

Are you using several different monitoring solutions to control your IT environment?
Do you know what your systems are doing? AMS differentiates itself from the competition by offering a full service solution of highly technical administration resources that includes a single monitoring system which fulfills all the requirements to help our clients move from a reactive, problem driven environment towards a proactive, stable server landscape with the utmost efficiency.


Are your current technical resources qualified enough to maintain your fast-pace environment?
AMS understands that today’s IT environments are fast-paced. New requirements for disk space, compute nodes, server configuration changes, new data exchange methods with business partners, and new business processes often develop quickly, requiring fast and flexible responses for our clients. AMS can implemented all these improvements by bringing together people from different organizations and with different technical backgrounds.


Is your technical team listening to your needs?
AMS positions itself beyond the passive role as the recipient and executor of service requests, but as an actively inquiring and available partner of our clients. Steady communication with user groups, individual users, project leads as well as management plays a major part in understanding actual customer needs and the perimeter and timelines in which they can be met.

Our expertise includes:

  • Windows Server and Workstation, Suse, Redhat, OpenBSD, Solaris including VM (HyperV, Xen, VmWare), SAN and NAS Storage, e.g. Netapp.
  • Network tools and Protocols like DNS, DHCP, FTP, SSH, NFS, Samba
  • Apache, MySQL, PHP, AJAX, Perl and many others
  • Mail server (includes sendmail, postfix, qmail and Exchange 2008)
  • Migration to new servers or virtual environments
  • Disaster recovery (from disk crashes or hacking incidents)
  • Security hardening and monitoring
  • Installation and configuration of most open source software packages
  • New server configuration, setup and customization

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    We understand that no IT environment is like the other and create customized solutions for our clients to ensure the best possible service for your investment. Please contact us for details.

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